Istanbul From the Soul.

I took this from my old blog, written 2 days after I got back from 8 days at Istanbul last November.


Istanbul was … amazing. I think it was a city that called to my soul. A city full of history, culture and an amazing combination of the old days and the modern days. I think there were times that I nearly stopped right in the middle of the busy Istikal Caddesi (a 1.4km long avenue) and just let the spirit of the place flow into me.

I know, cheesy. But making Istanbul my first ever travel destination was like getting that first perfect boyfriend.


The one who remembers how you take your latte, and that your dessert should be chocolate, or apple based. The one who hold your hand while you visit those hidden art galleries, and let it go when you’re reading because he knows you need your freedom when you do that. The one that can look at you, and read your soul. The one that you had to let go because it was just not the right time.

I briefly half seriously considered just staying there, teach English/Malay and get myself a nice Turk guy (they are really really attractive, in general. With their beards ala’ hipster style, and glasses, and those eyes). But then Mama decided to remind me that I would be cut out of the will if I don’t come back as scheduled.

Would I go back? Definitely.

Maybe in few years’ time, after I go to couple more places (which has to be decided).

About a year before the Istanbul trip was planned, I asked someone who just came back from there what he thought of it.

“I fell in love with it.”

“Slowly or quickly?”

“Both ways.”

It was the same for me too.



Of This December.

Me: So, I’m gonna budget around 1000 for the Langkawi trip. Is that okay with you?

Moke: Real money or Malaysian money?

10 mins later:

Me: I think a full tank of gas would be sufficient but maybe around 50/person.

Moke: You are planning this in too much detail xD

So, Moke is actually Mozart. My Australian friend who will be coming over to Malaysia this December for two weeks. We’ve been online friends since October 2010 and have been telling our respective friends multiple times that:

“No, we are not dating each other.”

The original plan was for me to visit him this year but after I realised I didn’t have a travel buddy, he decided that he will treat himself to finishing his law degree (his second degree) with a visit to Malaysia.

He bought his ticket sometime in May and is letting me doing something I really love.

Planning an itinerary for his visit.

Me: Is it ok if your days are not jam packed cause you’ll be here for like 2 weeks?

Moke: YES.

Note: Earlier this year he spent around a month visiting 7 European countries with a very packed itinerary. I am still very jealous of this but when he mentioned that he got a gift for me he is forgiven.

Right now I am looking up for places to bring him to visit. I live near Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia and its on the west coast. I asked a friend of mine who is half Pinoy half Greece that visited Malaysia few years back on where did she go.

I have never felt like a bad Malaysian in this way before. Haha.

So, after asking around for suggestions here is the list of places and activities to do:

Spend 3 days in Langkawi. Visit the historical sites, take the cable car to go to the hanging bridge, visit the beaches and try as much food as we can.

Drive down to Malacca, which is a UNESCO heritage site and is chokeful of Portuguese influences. Visit A Famosa, take the river boat, go up the Taming Sari tower and try the original Coconut Shake.

Visit Kuala Lumpur and utilise the public transportation systems. Where to? KLCC, KL Tower, Central Market, Dataran Merdeka etc. We might pop over to Batu Caves, which is a large Hindu temple.

Drive over to Putrajaya which is where the Ministries are.

Go to the Big Bad Wolf Book sale since he has “Been hearing you talk about it every year” and kindly not commenting on my 20 books purchase.

Drive him around my hometown and Klang Valley.

Have dinner at my favourite Thai restaurant, Sri Thai in PJ.

Things Moke has shown interest in:

1. Trying the KFC here as he says the KFC in Australia is bad.

2. Watch a movie because its cheap.

3. Have a double chicken special burger from a roadside stall. (Two chicken patties wrapped in egg).

4. Eat everything in sight.

I just showed him my rough draft and he likes it. Now, to come up with the budget.


Knew, Wish, Plan

“Her dreams went out the door, when she turned 24” – 1985 by Bowling for Soup.

When I turned 24, I knew that I’ll fall in love with travelling. So I saved an amount every month, kept count and look up places to go to.

So many places, so little money as they say.

Sometimes I wish I was a guy or with less strict parents so I can travel on my own. To visit Seoul and soak in the culture, to sit on the beach on some island, to enjoy the coffee culture in some other city.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

But there is nothing I can do about that, so I plan and save up.

Plan and plan.


In anticipation of that feeling I only get when I travel.

Though I do get a milder version of the feeling when I am having good coffee and food at a pretty cafe.